How to Fix Common QuickBooks Enterprise Error Codes?

QuickBooks Enterprise is an accounting software solution suitable for small to large-scale businesses or industries. The software helps in improving business by handling multiple users, locations, large transaction data, etc.

Learn to Fix Most Common QuickBooks Enterprise Errors

QuickBooks Enterprise offers customizable tools to help users analyze the data and make informed business decisions. Although, the software is amazing, it has a few issues that are faced by the end users.

If you are a enterprise user then you may face few errors on it. In those errors some can be functional, some configuration related, several server related and few might be data related issue. In that situation, you can contact to QuickBooks enterprise support team by dialing +1-866-707-7925. They will be pleased to help you out in your concerns.

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Some of the most common errors found in using QuickBooks Enterprise are listed below with the instructions to fix them:

1. QuickBooks Enterprise Error H202 and H505

The both errors are very common error that is faced by many QB users in their QuickBooks. You should not to be worry when these errors occurs as these errors can be resolved with the help of few easy troubleshooting steps. Let’s start with the Error Code H202 first.

What is QuickBooks Enterprise Error H202?

QuickBooks Error Message H202 - Screenshot

Error H202 arises when QuickBooks is unable to connect to the remote server in order to open the file. The solution to H202 QuickBooks Error is different, depending on the cause of the H series error.

How to Resolve QuickBooks enterprise error H202?

The H-series Errors in QuickBooks, i.e. Error H101, H202, H303, and H505 have similar fixing methods with some exceptions.

One of the methods is the “Network Connectivity Testing and Calibration“.

  • Open QuickBooks accounting software on all the systems networked for using QuickBooks.
  • Select theFile menu and click ‘Utilities‘ and turn off hosting.
  • Press ‘Windows‘ key on your keyboard and type “This PC” on the QuickBooks Host Computer.
  • From the left side of the window, double-click the “Network” option to verify the visibility of all the networks.
  • Ping all the computers respectively from the QuickBooks Server computer.
  • Ping the ‘QuickBooks Server‘ from the computer showing QB Error Code H202.
  • Perform the command for the ping test on Command Prompt.
  • Ping command syntax: ping [Computer Name] and press “Enter“.

What is QuickBooks Error Code H505?

QuickBooks error message H505 - Screenshot

The H505 error code is a group of errors which usually occur when users are trying to access a company file which is not located on their computer. This error can also occur if users are accessing a file on their computer with improper configuration. These errors mean something is blocking the multi-user connection to your server.

How to Fix QuickBooks Enterprise Error H505?

To fix QuickBooks Enterprise Error H505, the first step is by Editing the Host File on Windows:

  • Open the Run dialog box using “Windows Key + R” key.
  • Type “CMD” in the command box on the bottom left of the screen and press “Enter” to open the Command Prompt window.
  • Type “ipconfig /all” (there is a space after ipconfig) and press “Enter” to run the command
  • Take note of the “Host Name” (computer name) and the “IP Address“.
  • Repeat the above process for all workstations and computers connect in the multi-user environment.
  • Now “Edit” the “Windows Hosts file” by closing QuickBooks and navigating to “Start” Menu.
  • Click on the “View” tab on File Explorer’s menu and select the “Hidden items” checkbox in the Show/hide section. File Explorer will show the hidden files.
  • Enter the “IP address” and type in the Computer Name
  • After you finish, you can apply the changes and reopen QuickBooks in multi-user mode.

2. QuickBooks Enterprise Error 3371

This error occurs when the user is unable to load the license data. It can be due to some damaged or missing files, outdated Windows operating system or component.

This error occurs when the user tries to access the QuickBooks account after cloning the hard drive and reconfiguring the system.

QuickBooks Error Code Code 3371 - Screenshot

There are 3 types of 3371 errors that are shown as:

  1. Error 3371, Could not load QuickBooks license data.
  2. Error 3371, status code-11118
  3. 3371 Error, status code-1

How to Resolve QuickBooks error 3371 status code 11118?

Error 3371, status code -11118 can be fixed up using the following instructions:

  • Updating Windows can automatically fix the Operating System issues causing the Error 3371 to your QuickBooks.
  • Update compatible “.NET Framework” or else “Repair Microsoft .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++” by repairing your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Make your QuickBooks flawless by starting QuickBooks Repair and optimization process.
  • Close all the “QuickBooks processes” running in the background from the “Windows Task Manager“.
  • Browse to file location of “ECML file” and “Delete” it.
  • Initiate the “QuickBooks Desktop Activation” after the file is deleted.
  • Keep the “QuickBooks License and Product Code” handy while purchasing the product.

3. QuickBooks Enterprise Error 6000 816

This error occurs when QuickBooks is unable to open a company’s file when it is in use with other programs. For example third-party backup. This may be due to damage in the company file (.qbw).

How to Fix QuickBooks error -6000, -816?

To fix such errors, one must:

  • Rename the .ND and .TLG files.
  • To test any problem with the location of the company file, copy QuickBooks files on the desktop.
  • Restore the backup of the company file, if it did not open after moving into a new location.

Click on the given link if you want to learn how to resolve QuickBooks 6000 Series errors.

4. QuickBooks Enterprise Error 15215

QuickBooks Error 15215 usually appears after or before installing a major update and the problem can be caused by several different factors like downloading a payroll update while another application is running in the background and updating QuickBooks and process does not get completed fully, etc.

QuickBooks Error Message 15215 - Screenshot

How to Fix QuickBooks error 15215?

This error can be solved according to different scenarios, i.e.

  • If the problem is caused due to blocking by anti-spyware, then modify the anti-virus software.
  • If the problem is due to “Internet Explorer configuration“, then:
    • Click “Tools” > “Internet Options” > “Advanced Settings“.
    • Check the box for Use “TLS 1.0” and uncheck the boxes for Use “TLS 1.1” and Use “TLS 1.2
    • Click “OK“, and restart the computer.
    • Launch QuickBooks and verify the error resolution again.

5. QuickBooks error code 80029c4a

QuickBooks error code 80029c4a is a complex error that comes with an error message stating “Error loading type library/DLL can’t load a dynamic link library (DLL).

QuickBooks error code 80029c4a - Screenshot

This error code is usually encountered when QuickBooks component doesn’t start properly or the dynamic link library files are missing or corrupted due to the system irregularities. Or if the antivirus or security software has falsely marked any QuickBooks executable file or the other components as unsafe.

How to Fix QuickBooks error 80029c4a?

The user can follow the steps mentioned below to fix the issue:

  • Restart and register QuickBooks services & DLL’s using Reboot.bat command.
  • For this, the user needs to “close QuickBooks desktop“.
  • And then, “open” the “folder” that has the reboot.bat file.
  • The user is then required to right click the “QuickBooks desktop icon” and then select “properties” option.
  • Now click on “Open file location“.
  • Select “run as admin” after right clicking the “reboot.bat file“.
  • Wait for the black window to disappear.
  • And lastly, “restart” the system and QuickBooks should run fine.

QuickBooks reboot process brings the software to its optimal default settings.

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Get help for QuickBooks enterprise

If any of the above-mentioned problems still persists or you receive a rare or new error, call us and we will be happy to help you. Our certified QuickBooks support experts are available 24×7 on toll-free +1-866-707-7925.

Thanks for reading this article and visiting us. We hope that the information in this article might be of some help to you.

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