How to Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error?

6 Ways to resolve QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error Like a Pro

QuickBooks is a versatile bookkeeping and accounting software that helps small and mid-sized business owners do multitask. With the help of this robust software, business owners can perform many of the complex tasks such as tracking expenses, managing cash flow, creating invoices, preparing for taxes, etc., with ease.

But like all the other software, QB as well keeps receiving errors and glitches. Issues in QuickBooks may show up at any time while installing the software, updating or upgrading it, and using its features or tools. One frequent issue that users receive is QuickBooks unrecoverable error.

QuickBooks unrecoverable error - Screenshot

What is QuickBooks unrecoverable error?

QuickBooks unrecoverable error are often found with QuickBooks desktop, and caused due to faulty installation of the software. This kind of error can also be seen as a result of an update as well as data corruption, which needs immediate resolution and rebuilding for smooth working of the software.

Here, In this post we are going to discuss about the 6 Possible Solutions steps of QuickBooks unrecoverable error. However, if you are looking for instant resolution of this error or you want to save your time and efforts please contact our QuickBooks support team at 1-866-707-7925. Before starting the solution understand the possible reasons behind the error occurring.

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Reasons that occurs QuickBooks Unrecoverable error

Unrecoverable Error in QuickBooks accounting software may occur for multiple reasons. However, here are some of the most prominent of the causes.

  • When there is a damaged data.
  • Creating a backup of data files.
  • Microsoft Windows or QuickBooks is not updated.
  • At the time of downloading a payroll update
  • Program code needs to be repaired.
  • When a user try to creating a portable file
  • QuickBooks wasn’t closed properly after last use.
  • Other computer related issues.
  • While sending payroll via Direct Deposit.
  • Opening any window in QuickBooks (Home Page, Company Snapshot, Reports, Transaction)

Common QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error Codes

The list is not inclusive and you might encounter a different error from the scenarios given.

00000 14775 20888 41171 00000 15204
00227 55008 19758 63847 13730 84631
20103 33023 00551 46274 02457 79428
13824 75582 15563 13890  

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error?

If you have received QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error, you can perform these below-give 6 troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

Note: Before you attempt the provided solutions, make sure your QuickBooks is updated.

6 Ways to Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error - Infographic

Checkout the manual solution steps given below to fix this error:

Solution 1: Prevent QuickBooks from opening multiple Windows during Start-up

  • Press the ‘ALT key‘ on your keyboard while double-clicking on the QuickBooks icon on the desktop.
  • Let go of the ‘ALT key‘ when a window pops up for you to put in your ‘Password
  • Type in the ‘User password‘ and click ‘OK‘ button.
  • An application will open, press ‘Alt key‘ again.
  • Wait until the file is open and release the ‘Alt key‘.

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Solution 2: Save the form differently

  • You can use ‘Save‘ and ‘Close or Save‘ and ‘New tabs‘ towards the bottom of the form in order to save the transactions.
  • Make sure you don’t leave the cursor anywhere on a blank like on the form while saving that. The cursor shall always be on a line that has some items written.
  • You should click “To Be Printed” prior to saving the transaction.
  • Give Print commands from ‘File‘ and ‘Print forms.

If the unrecoverable QuickBooks Error appears while giving print commands, making changes or editing your preferences, follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘Edit Menu‘ and click ‘Preferences‘.
  • Before you click the ‘Print‘ check box, click clear the ‘Save transactions‘ beneath the ‘Company Preferences‘ Tab.
  • Click ‘OK‘ and save changes.

Solution 3: Open a sample file

Try opening a sample company file in case the issue still exist eve after trying the above mentioned troubleshooting steps.

  • Press the ‘Ctrl key‘ on the keyboard while double-clicking QuickBooks icon on your desktop.
  • Keep the ‘Ctrl key‘ pressed until the application shows the ‘No Company Open.
  • Tap on ‘Open a sample file’.
Open sample company files - Screenshot
  • Choose a sample file and open it.

Note: If you receive a prompt to initiate a restore/update operation, click ‘OK’. In case the sample file opens without any issue, it means the company file that was receiving the error may be corrupted or damaged.

Solution 4: Use Auto Data Recovery tool

QuickBooks Autom Data Recovery tool - Screenshot

If the company file is corrupt, perform Auto Data Recovery to restore the company file.

Solution 5: Copy the company file to your Desktop

There might be an issue with the location of the company file you are trying to open. That said, you can act upon the below-given steps to fix the location of your company file.

  • Go to the folder in which your company file is stored and find the ‘QBW file‘ using the Locate option. ‘Copy and Paste‘ the file on Desktop.
  • Launch QuickBooks by clicking the icon twice while keeping the ‘Ctrl key‘ press till the ‘No Company Open message shows up on the screen.
  • Click on ‘Open and browse‘ to the company file you copied on Desktop.
  • Finally open the file.

Solution 6: Update QuickBooks Desktop

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work, that means there is some issue with your QuickBooks accounting software or with the installation. You can perform the following steps to update your QuickBooks installation.

  • Press the ‘Ctrl key‘ and double-click on QuickBooks icon to open it.
  • Go to ‘Help tab‘ and Update QuickBooks.
  • Click ‘Update Now‘ on ‘Update QuickBooks’ screen.
  • Choose ‘New Features‘.
  • Click ‘Get Updates‘.
Update QuickBooks to the latest release - Screenshot
  • Exit QuickBooks after the update is complete.

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Author’s Words!!

We have listed six of the most dependable tips to fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error in this blog post and hope that you can, by now, open your company file. On the off-chance, if the unrecoverable error persists, you can contact our QuickBooks enterprise support team to get rid of this issue.

Our certified experts are equipped with cutting tools and technology to solve all QB related issues. You can contact us at 1866-707-7925 for help and support.


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