Learn to Install Multiple QuickBooks Desktop Versions on One Computer

Here is how you can Install multiple QuickBooks desktop versions on one Computer

QuickBooks is a handy enterprise tool for small as well as the large organizations and allows business owners to run their compliance and financial work smoothly. It integrates the single point of contact in the wider organizations and also takes control over which party or manager has many degrees of control of the insights generated and edited using this software.

Evidently, QuickBooks Enterprise is a better version in comparison to the QuickBooks Desktop on the parameters similar to what has been mentioned above. You can easily gauge what are the latest customer’s needs and details, control your inventory and roll out permission to 30 users at max who can help responsible for the changes made in the database.

So, it is advisable for the business heads not to give away open control to anyone and everyone. Only trusted parties and loyal customers/clients should be integrated within the system. Though, as a positive aspect, you can anytime change or modify the depth of the permission bestowed on the different users.

Now that we are on the same page about is the heat about regarding the QuickBooks, let’s walk you through the easy installations of multiple QuickBooks versions for a single user desktop to make full use of the given enterprise resource planning software.

You can either install the same versions of the various available editions or successfully download multiple versions of same or more editions. The process is quite simple to follow, but equally important. Therefore, pay due attention to sail through it with no hassle.

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Steps to Install multiple versions of QuickBooks

In order to install each version and edition of QuickBooks desktop, the user can follow the steps below:

  1. If the user hasn’t already, then the user needs to download the version or edition. The user needs to save the file somewhere that user can easily spot it.
  2. Now, the user needs to open the QuickBooks.exe downloaded in the above step.
  3. The next step is to follow the prompts and then select the custom and network options for the installation type. Avoid selecting the express option.
QuickBooks installation type - Screenshot 15
  1. Once done with that, the user needs to select a custom network option. If the user has planned to use QuickBooks only on this particular system and he/she is not going to share the files over a network, then in that case the user needs to select the I’ll be using QuickBooks desktop on this computer. In case of multi user network, the user will be suggested to select either I’ll be using… And or I will not be using depending on the setup.
custom and network options- screenshot - 16
  1. When the user installs multiple versions or editions QuickBooks asks if the user wants to replace what’s currently on the system. The user needs not to replace anything, unless it is the desired one. In order to avoid overwriting the data, the user needs to create unique install folders for each version and edition. When the user gets to the upgrade or change installation location window, click on change the install location.
  2. The user needs to select Browse option and then right click the window, followed by creating a new folder. Avoid selecting existing QuickBooks folders or any other folders having QuickBooks info.
  3. The last step is to follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

The user is supposed to repeat these steps for each version and edition of QuickBooks that is to be installed.

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Steps to Install Multiple QuickBooks Versions on One Computer

Checkout the following steps to install the QuickBooks desktop versions on one computer.

First Step

Do you have the QuickBooks CD with you? If yes, it’s an ideal choice to download and install the same version in the CD onto your desktop, otherwise, you can always install the already downloaded version of QuickBooks in your desktop.

Second Step

Wait for some time, mere seconds or max a minute or two before the installation procedure starts. In case there is any halt in processing, don’t fret. You always have an option to click the installation method manually.

Third Step

While you are aiming to download the same version of QuickBooks of a different edition, after the installation window pops up, change the location of the software to save it elsewhere.

Though, the methods will vary whenever you are trying to install different versions of the same software.

For instance,

If you have QuickBooks 2009 or older version, these steps are applicable:

  • As the Select Installation Folder flashes on your screen, click on the first and foremost option, that is, Install QuickBooks (which version you have currently) to Folder C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks (the version you have and want to install).

Similarly, if you have QuickBooks (version 2010 and more), follow these steps:

  • Choose the Custom and Network Options.
  • You will be given an installation option, select the ones which you think suits your need
  • As soon as the Upgrade or Change Installation Location checkbox appear onto your screen, tick the option which says Change the Install Location.

Fourth Step

If you are comfortable with manual changes, you can click Browse or Change icon and select a new folder or different location where the installation will be stored.

Fifth Step

Press the Next button to step forward.

Sixth Step

You will be given a set of instructions, pay attention and apply them word-for-word for successful installation of QuickBooks versions in a single desktop.

Seventh Step

As all the steps mentioned are followed correctly, QuickBooks creates a desktop icon. You can browse that shortcut folder to open the installed version which you desired of QuickBooks desktop software.

That’s All!

Isn’t it easy?

Though, we would like to guide you through some of the important points to be taken into consideration whenever you are following above-mentioned steps for another version to be installed catering to your organizational or individual business need.

These essentials are as clarified below:

  • In respects of the QuickBooks Desktop premier and pro, please keep in mind that they both have namesake installation files as well as folders. Therefore, the same version of both the editions should not be installed on the same desktop location.
  • Various versions of QuickBooks Desktop can co-exist on your personal Desktop device.
  • Also, it’s to be taken notice of that the dataset files of one version or edition cannot be shared or exchanged with the other version or edition. So, please be careful while operation QuickBooks on different editions or version as you wouldn’t be able to merge or shift them from one version to another.

As an endnote, QuickBooks installation is fairly simple and it is a must-have enterprise resource planning software for unstoppable documentation.

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