QuickBooks Desktop 2019 and It’s New & Improved Features

Like every year, Intuit has again launched a new version- QuickBooks Desktop 2019. This new version consists of bug fixes and improved features for the users. The best part is that this software is easy to use, fulfill the needs of the users and is also faster.

Since this new version has many new and interesting features that is bring positive effects on functionality and workflow, you need to upgrade to this version.

New and Improved Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2019 for Windows

Below are the new features of Intuit QuickBooks desktop 2019

Invoice History Tracker

For QuickBooks Pro, Premier Accountant 2019 and Enterprise 19.0.

Track Invoice History-New Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2019
Track Invoice History-New Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2019

New Features are:

  • Real-time invoice tracking feature is available and it includes
  • Invoice due data
  • Create data,
  • Email date and customer name.
  • Invoice view data. It is easy to see viewed date if you have a good internet connection
  • Date and amount of customer payment receive.
  • Amount and date of make deposit recorded in QuickBooks
  • Improved status tracking
  • Real-time visibility of the invoice statuses.

With these new and improved features, from now on users will not get confused about the invoice history information. They can also take relevant decision in real-time and set up proper communication with the clients.

However, one should be aware that this feature doesn’t support Microsoft Outlook 2010.

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Transfer Credit between Jobs of the Same Customer

This feature is available for QuickBooks Pro, Premier Accountant and Enterprise 19.0

Transfer Credits Between Jobs of the Same Customer - Screenshot

New Features are:

The user can apply for customer credits for all jobs of the same selected customer. There is a new column on applying for the credit window shows the customer and the job. Through this feature the users can designate credit to other jobs of the same customer record a delay in transfer of credits between the jobs.

What is best about this feature is that it saves a great amount of time and also provides solution for applying credit memos all across the job. Moreover, QuickBooks develops a special Account for Credit Transfer. Other Current Asset account type automatically by making use of the general entries which record the modification that happens behind the scenes.


  • The transfer of credits from one job to another within the same customer cannot be undone. However, you can undo it by manually making additional entries.
  • Do note that the users can in no way perform the first instances of the transfer of credits between jobs without using Chart of Account access.

Below are some of the improved features in QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Update.

Prompt to Create a Bill Payment when using the Write Check

This feature is available for QuickBooks Pro, Premier Accountant 2019 and Enterprise 19.0

Prompt to Create a Bill Payment When Using the Write Check - Screenshot

Revised and Enhanced new features

These features includes – provides visibility into unpaid vendor bills to assist in payment management. This is also important for the users as QuickBooks now prompts as well as guides its users to link their checks along with the open bills, showing open bills for few specific vendors to provide access. Moreover this new version of QuickBooks also highlights the GO TO PAY BILLS option in the new check bills pop-up.

QuickBooks also automatically filters out the previous window for the specific vendor who users initially attempted to write a check for, when the users click this earlier mentioned option. After this the Pay Bills windows opens for the users. Users can easily avoid these features using the Write Check Transaction type.

Employee Pay Adjustment History

Employee Pay Adjustment History - Screenshot

This feature is available for QuickBooks Pro, Premier Accountant 2019 and the Enterprise 18.0, Maintenance release R3 or newer.

What are the new and improved features:

This feature is used by the customers along with the payroll subscription as it allows them to track changes for employee pay rates for hourly:

  • Payroll items
  • Bonus items
  • Commissions items and
  • Salary

Sick and Vacation Pay Tracking

This feature is available for Premier Accountant 2019, Enterprise 18.0 with an Enhanced Payroll Subscription and QuickBooks Pro.

Sick and Vacation Pay Tracking - Screenshot

Enhanced Features:

This feature provides improved tracking and reporting of sick or vacation time. The first change in this feature is that it gives warning to the QuickBooks users while saving a paycheck that exceeds the employee’s available sick and/or vacation time. The improvement is that the Accrued, Used and Available sick and vacation hours by reformatting the pay stub.

Sick and Vacation Pay Tracking - screenshot 1

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Sensitive Payroll Permissions

This feature is available for QuickBooks Enterprise 19.0:

Sensitive Payroll Permissions- screeshot 2

Improved Features

This features gives the Admin user the ability to identify when any permission level assigned to a user includes the access to sensitive payroll related information which is marked by an *(asterisk).

Inactive Inventory Items includes in Inventory Reports Totals

Available with QB Pro, Premier, Accountant 2019 and Enterprise 19.0.

Inactive Inventory Items includes in Inventory Reports Totals - Screenshot

Enhanced Features:

  • The purpose of this feature is to allow users to include or exclude inactive items. This feature was not available in the previous version as earlier the Inventory Reports providing valuations of your stock removed any items that were made inactive even if those items had quantities on hand.
  • There will be a difference in the amount inventory value as provided on the reports when contrasted along with the amount reported as the Inventory Asset Account total.
  • In the new version you can easily balance the inventory reports against the inventory assets on your balance sheet as well as general sheet as it consists of the inactive items with quantities and values.

The process of Upgradation through simple steps

This is available for QuickBooks Premier, Pro and Enterprise 18.0

Improved Features

The process of upgradation is pretty simple. It is just a matter of couple of clicks to install the new version of QuickBooks Desktop. If you follow all the processes in the right away then it takes only 3 to 4 minutes. Moreover the upgradation process is automatic.

A new thing in this feature is that it lets users retain the older version of the application. Another great thing is that the old company file is includes in the No company file window.

Moving QuickBooks to Another Computer

This feature is available for QuickBooks Premier, Pro, Accountant 2018 and Enterprise 18.0:

Improved feature:

In the QuickBooks 2019 version it is easy to move your QuickBooks program and related files, company data files to a new computer whenever your clients require:

  • A thumb drive
  • The old computer where the current data files are stored.
  • A new computer with a good internet connection.

This new improvement in software helps the users to work more easily. Moreover QuickBooks copies all key information about your present installation and a unique or complex password will be created that will unlock everything that is transferred to the new computer.

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Intuit Interchange Format (IIF) List and Data Imports

Available QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2019, Enterprise 19.0 and Pro:

IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) List and Data Imports - Screenshot

Improved Features:

The enhanced feature of IIF importing basically checks and validates the data feature before importing it and generate a report of the issue in case the import is not successful thereby permitting the user to fix the issue and import the right records separately, IIF Imports also supports both lists as well as transaction.

Condense the Data File Optimization

Available with QB Pro, Premier, Accountant 2019 and Enterprise V 19.0:

Condense Data File Optimization - Screenshot

Enhanced Feature:

This feature is designed in such a way that it permits the users to reduce the size of their company file without losing any of the transaction data. It also assists on the audit trail data from the file which can be a significant quantity of data especially when the files have a good amount of history of transaction edits and also performs some internal optimization of the database. After this whole procedure the file size is reduced at least to 45%.

Using Feature Intuit Data Protect Backup your data file

Available with QuickBooks Pro, Premier Accountant 2019 and Enterprise V 19.0

Intuit Data Protect - Screenshot

Improved Features

  • Many of the users fail to activate the Intuit data protected and it also has been reported that the set-up., monitoring and restore a backup is pretty difficult.
  • So, the QuickBooks 2019 version has been set up to streamline the whole set up process and also male the automated backup to Intuit cloud serve much easier.
  • This new version of the application has enhanced many of its features and fixed many problems also offers actionable message in case of any backup failure.

Receive Inventory Process Purchases order Worksheet

Available with a Platinum subscription to QB enterprise 18.0 maintenance release R5 or newer with Advanced Inventory enabled.

Receive Inventory Process – Purchase Order Worksheet - Screenshot

Improved Features and workflow:

The enhanced inventory receiving procedure assists in reducing the data entry errors and also encourages efficiency.

When you connect your mobile device and enable the feature, it creates the receive inventory workflow. Moreover the internet connection is compulsory for QuickBooks Enterprise file as well as the location of the warehouse.

  • Sync the mobile device across the warehouse and then set up the purchase order of QuickBooks software as per priority and then assign to a warehouse worker.
  • From the warehouse location the warehouse worker logs into the mobile app and then scans barcodes or serial number barcodes and then enter manually the amount of items received.
  • Now the updated received details are sent back to the purchase order in the QuickBooks Enterprise file.
  • The users of QuickBooks can automate creating an item receipt or vendor bill by the purchase order management worksheet.

PS: This whole worksheet can be taken out as a printout and there is absolutely no need for any mobile app.

Pick, Pack and Shipping Process- Sales Order Worksheet

Available only for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Platinum edition only:

Pick, Pack and Shipping Process- Sales Order Worksheet - Screenshot

This feature is all about managing the sales order fulfilment process from a central dashboard or the mobile device.  This includes permitting packers the orders for shipments using the mobile scanners to capture the packed contents, packing dimensions and the weight of the package.

Once this feature is enabled the mobile device gets connected. And the following is a typical pick, pack and shop workflow which is easily managed from the sales order fulfilment worksheet dashboard.

Existing Pick Workflow

For this basic requirements are internet connection without internet connectivity not meant for others

  • In the QuickBooks inventory the picklists are prioritized and they are created from the sales orders. It is also assigned to some warehouse worker and is synced with the mobile device across the warehouse in a proper way.
  • The warehouse worker will now sign into the mobile app from the warehouse and can scan barcodes or serial number barcodes and also enter manually the quantities of items he has received.
  • After this he sends the updated received information back to the purchase order in the QuickBooks Enterprise file.

Pack, ship workflow

New feature

QuickBooks Enterprise19.0 Sales Order Fulfilment Worksheet requires a high speed internet connection

  • So, the first thing in this feature happens is that the Sale Orders are sent for packaging from the Sales Order Fulfilment Worksheet Dashboard and assigned to Warehouse Worker.
  • Then the warehouse worker keeps records of all picked products as they are boxed and also keeps note of their weight, and dimension.
  • Then the products are packed and then they are synced with QuickBooks file and then update all the line details in the Sales order.
  • The users of QuickBooks applications also develop the documentation for shipping and at times can add the package details in the description column in the Sales Order when they use QuickBooks integration with USPS, UPS, FedEx account.

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New and Improved features in QuickBooks Desktop Mac 2019

Improved Features of QuickBooks desktop Mac 2019

The QuickBooks for Mac 2019 version has some new as well as improved features and they are listed below.

Square Import

  • This feature helps in importing sales data from Square via the use of .csv file type.
Square Import in QuickBooks desktop mac 2019 - Screenshot

iCloud Document Sharing

iCloud Document Sharing i QuickBooks mac 2019 - Screenshot
  • By using iCloud, users can easily share QuickBooks for Mac file very conveniently.

Email Tracking

Email Tracking in QuickBooks for Mac - Screenshot
  • Through this feature it is very easy to track the date of the email sent through a tab in the vendor or customer centers by internet connection.

Bank and/or Credit Card Reconcile Discrepancy Report

Bank or Credit Card Reconcile Discrepancy Report - Screenshot
  • This feature is used to identify modifications made to reconcile transactions.

Report Windows

  • It has enhanced spacing as well as readability.

User Passwords

User Passwords Screen - Screenshot
  • The personal information of users are encrypted. It is suggested that all password combinations should be complex to avoid hacking of accounts.

In case you want to know more about QuickBooks desktop solution or upgrade to this new version you can take assistance from the QuickBooks enterprise support providers who are available 24/7 for you.


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