How to Solve QuickBooks Multi-User mode not working error?

Use these expert tips to fix QuickBooks Multi-User mode not working issue

QuickBooks multi user-mode, an inbuilt feature in the accounting software package, enables more than one user to work on the same file simultaneously. It is necessary for every user to know the QuickBooks license in to use QuickBooks in multi-user mode. This feature assists companies in enhancing productivity. Users, however, may receive some unexpected errors while working on this mode.

A few issues may show up when a user tries to access and open QuickBooks company file stored on a different computer. The error message – QuickBooks multi-user mode not working – appears on the other computer.

To know more about this error, make sure to read this article carefully, or ring up at our toll-free number i.e. +1-866-707-7925, and let our QuickBooks support team fix the bug for you.

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Causes behind QuickBooks multi-user mode not working error

Below are some of the most popular reasons that cause QuickBooks multi-user mode not working error:

  • QuickBooks has not been installed on the server.
  • Inappropriately configured hosting settings.
  • Firewall or antivirus software is blocking communication between user computers.
  • The database server doesn’t have the authorization to open the QuickBooks company file.
  • Windows file permissions aren’t set properly.

Important points before troubleshooting

  • You need to install the QuickBooks database server manager.
  • Ensure that you have installed the same database server manager as the current QuickBooks version.
  • You have to follow all the prerequisites before following the solution steps.

Requirements for QuickBooks Multi-user mode

There are two basic requirements for setting up QuickBooks multi-user mode, without which it won’t be possible, namely:

  • A license of QuickBooks for more than one user.
  • Another requirement is one system that is to be used as the QuickBooks server.

Methods to Fix QuickBooks multi-user mode not working issue

You may face issues after switching from single-user mode to multi-user mode. The most popular error codes that you receive on your screen include Error H101, H202, H303, and H505. Below are some of the solutions offered by QuickBooks experts to fix this issue:

Method 1: Install and Run QuickBooks File Doctor


You can download the QuickBooks File Doctor tool from the official website of Intuit. This tool will help you analyze if your computer is appropriately set up for using QB multi-user mode. Run the QuickBooks file doctor tool and see if the problem has been fixed.

Method 2: Use QuickBooks Database Server Manager

quickbooks database server manager - screenshot
  • Open QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the server system by typing the database in the Start menu.
  • If you can’t find folder locations, use “Browse” to locate the folder where company file/files are stored.
  • Click OK and then the Scan button.

The above-mentioned steps will fix firewall permissions. Now, check once again if the multi-user mode not working issue been fixed or not.

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Method 3: Verify host mode on all user computers

While on a user computer, go to the QuickBooks File menu and then Utilities. If you see Host Multi-User Access on the list, move to the next computer as this computer is not hosting QuickBooks company file. If in case, you see Stop Hosting Multi-User Access on the list, select that for disabling hosting and enabling QuickBooks single-user mode.

Stop Hosting Multi-User Access - Screenshot

Once you are certain that hosting mode is turned off on all user PC’s, see if the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working error has been fixed.

Method 4: Check if QuickBooks services are running

In order to use QuickBooks in multi-user mode, QuickBooks services such as QuickbooksDBXX (XX is the year of QuickBooks) and QBCFMonitorService should be appropriately running on the server computer.

Verify the Services in QuickBooks - Screenshot
  1. Type service.msc on the Windows search bar and hit Enter key.
  2. Check if QuickBooksDBXX service is listed in the Services window. In case the service is not there, follow these steps –
    • If you just use the Database Server Manager, make sure that it is installed on the server. For different years of QuickBooks Desktop installed on the computer, different corresponding Database Server Manager should be installed.
    • In the event that the whole program is run on the PC, ensure hosting is enabled on the server.
  3. Now, double-click QuickBooksDBXX service and the value should show Automatic under Startup type on the screen. Service started can be either Running or Start.
  4. Select to restart the QuickBooksDBXX service for the first, second and subsequent failures under the Recovery tab.
  5. Repeat the steps 1 to 4 provided above for the QBCFMonitorService.

Next, open QuickBooks in multi-user mode on user computers and check if QuickBooks multi-user mode not working issue has been fixed or not. If the problem persists, check membership of QuickBooksDBXX service. The membership should be a part of the administrator group. Besides, it should consist of all the necessary permissions.

Method 5: Make sure QuickBooks can send data

Below are the quick solution to resolve the ongoing error:

Step 1. Change firewall and antivirus settings

Firewall or your antivirus may also cause QB multi-user mode not working error. If it’s firewall, you can manually set up exceptions in the settings of firewall to allow QuickBooks for transmitting data you’re your antivirus is triggering the error, configure it to troubleshoot the error.

Step 2. Test path to see if QuickBooks can communicate with the server

You will have to turn on Network Discovery to fix communication error-

  • Open run command (Windows + R keys) and type ping [servername] and press Enter key.
  • On the user computer, use the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) to go to the shared folder in the server.

Step 3. Go to the company file using the UNC path

Step 4. Create a new company file folder

  • Create a new folder for the company file on the hosting computer to complete this troubleshooting step. Folder and Windows access will be necessary for the new folder for the company files to be shared.
  • Create a new folder and copy and paste the .qbw file to the new location. Check if the multi-user mode issue is fixed and you can open the new file.

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Wrapping up!

We hope that you find this blog post helpful in fixing QuickBooks multi-user mode not working error. If the issue persists, you can contact our 24×7 QuickBooks enterprise technical support team at +1-866-707-7925.

Feel free to get in touch with our experts anytime and they will assist you round the clock.


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