A Quick User Guide to Get Started with QuickBooks Web Connector Error

A QuickBooks Web Connector powered by Microsoft Windows is a liaison tool to connect all your data files on the online-based applications to the offline QuickBooks products downloaded on your personal desktop.

The QuickBooks Web Connector, technically, helps exchange qbXMl and qbposXML data files to and from your online application and the QuickBooks point of sale desktop application. QuickBooks should be connected to the same device where the QuickBooks desktop product like QuickBooks Point of sale is downloaded and running to successfully initiate the integration of the dataset to analyze and make common organizational goals.

Though, when you have not taken care of proper installation or missed a step, you might get a QuickBooks Web Connector Error. There is no need to worry for the same because we have explained the common QuickBooks Web Connector errors below.

Read the issues below and check if that’s the same problem you are going through.

QuickBooks Web Connector Error: either it’s QBWC1085 or Exception TypeError

In case you try to use QuickBooks Enterprise Solution on your desktop, these following errors may occur and render you confuse or worried.

  • QuickBooks Web Connector couldn’t write the actual log data file: Then it will open before actually writing the data file to integrate the data.
  • The data log file itself might have corrupted or wrongly saved/downloaded in the first place: The QuickBooks Web Connector will then work without adding the data log file.
  • TypeError: It certainly says that the error cannot be named or the name of whichever file you have doesn’t exist in the location you have wanted to extract from.

Mostly, the TypeError is also detected due to the distortion or disruption of the data log file, QWCLOG.TXT, which was originally mean to be used by the QuickBooks Web Connector to integrate the data.

Let’s explore below how you can solve the QuickBooks TypeError or the QBWC1085

The purpose of the QuickBooks Web Connector is to share the log files between the third-party applications on the internet to the QuickBooks products on the desktop as we have explained above.

But, in case you have not at all connected the QuickBooks Desktop product with your third-party application before using the QuickBooks Web Connector, then obviously, it wouldn’t work.

So, it’s better you remove the QB Web Connector from the start menu on your desktop’s taskbar which is located at the bottom of your screen, just in case.

Or, you can check the steps below to be clearer on the same.

  • Log into your window device: PC/Laptop, as the administrator. [Do not log into any guest/student/secondary account]
  • Head over to this path: C:\Programdata\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.
  • When you see the QuickBooks Web Connector file/folder/or extension file. Press right-click and click delete.
  • Now go back to ‘Start‘ menu, and restart your device.
  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop product that you have installed.

Similarly, in case you have connected the third-party web service or application that has generated the data log file that you need to transfer to the QuickBooks desktop product, then obviously, you would need a QuickBooks Web Connector, so do not delete it!

Check it and if you have your QuickBooks Web Connector installed, then most probably, it’s the TypeError, which we will explain how to solve below, otherwise, just in case, you have forgotten to install the QuickBooks Web Connector, you can always browse the official QuickBooks website online to see the procedure or contact the customer care to help you out before you begin the steps mentioned below.

Okay, we are assuming you are ready with your QuickBooks Web Connector.

Now, what you have to do is:

Understand that you need to rename the QWCBLOG.TXT file as a solution to the TypeError

Are you confused about doing so? Or not sure where to locate the file?

Here’s where you are likely to find it to replace its name:

  • Close all the QuickBooks Desktop session along with ‘QuickBooks Web Connector‘. It shouldn’t be running in the background. [If you are unsure if they are properly closed or not, open the task manager and end the tasks for both the applications to be on the safe side]
  • Head over to this path: ‘C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QBWebConnector\log‘.
  • You will ‘QWCBLOG.TXT file‘ which you can right-click and rename it to ‘QWCLOGOLD.TXT‘.

After you are done renaming, open the QuickBooks Web Connector again.

Your problem must have been resolved. Though, for a better implementation, restart your desktop device and then use QuickBooks desktop product by connecting it to your third-party online application for a successful exchange of files and data head.

We hope this was a quick walk-through for your Web Connector error. You can also contact us on our toll-free QuickBooks Support line at +1-866-707-7925 if the issue persists.


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