A Guide to resolve data damage of QuickBooks Desktop

Data damage is one of the critical issues QuickBooks users may face. It may cause you to miss out your deadlines and also lose some vital company details. If you think that you have data issues with your QuickBooks company files, this blog post may assist you to fix a majority of those issues.

If you don’t want to waste your valuable time and efforts while performing the below given technical steps then you can take help from our QuickBooks Support team at +1-866-707-7925. We are Intuit Certified ProAdvisor and available round the clock to help you.

There are only two ways to resolve the data damages on your QuickBooks company file.

  1. Run the Rebuild Utility
  2. Run the Verify Utility

Rebuild data utility

Rebuild data utility is a useful tool you will have to run first to start with troubleshooting data damage on your QuickBooks file.

  • Open the ‘File menu‘ and select ‘Utilities and Rebuild Data’.
  • After the QuickBooks Information window pops up, click ‘OK‘. Save a backup by simply following the prompts. (Important: Don’t be confused if your computer displays that QuickBooks is not responding. If your mouse cursor is moving, the ‘Rebuilding process‘ is on. Wait patiently and allow the process to finish.)
  • After your computer displays to you that Rebuild has completed, select ‘OK‘.

Verify data utility

Run the ‘Verify data utility‘, which is the next step to fix data damage on your QuickBooks file.

  • Open the ‘File menu‘ and select ‘Utilities and Verify Data‘.
  • If QuickBooks detects no issues with your data, click ‘OK‘. You may keep on using your company file.
  • If any issues are spotted with your data, you will receive a prompt to ‘Rebuild Now‘ or ‘View Errors‘. Click ‘Close‘ and you will have two options to choose from:

Review Last Verify/Rebuild

  1. Press ‘F2‘ or ‘Ctrl+1‘ on your keyboard and the ‘Product Information‘ window will open on your computer screen.
  2. Select ‘Review Last Verify/Rebuild‘.
  3. Check the results screen for errors.


Do you know how to review the QBWin.log or the QuickBooks.log file? If your answer is yes, you can follow the given steps. (It’s recommended to contact a certified expert or our support for additional help in case you are not comfortable doing that on your own).

  1. Find ‘QBWin.log‘ or ‘QuickBooks.log’ files. (In case you seeking the help of a support agent, Press ‘F2‘ followed by ‘F3‘ to open the ‘Tech Help‘ window. Once you are at ‘Open File tab‘, click the log file once and click send log files to Intuit support. This process will forward the file to a repository and will finally allow the support agent to check your log files.
  2. Check the log file.
    • Windows: Type Begin Verify in the search box (Ctrl+F) and spot the most recent file (it would be simple as logs are written in date order with the latest at the bottom).
    • Mac: Go to the bottom to find the most recent Verify information.
  3. Find ‘LVL_ERROR‘, copy the complete line and then search it on Inuit’s support site. (Note: Errors within MS Windows as well as Mac log files may differ slightly. However, they are displayed in the same format.)

Other Troubleshooting Methods You Can Try!

Check out the other possible solutions to solving the data damage on QuickBooks Desktop.

Resolve the Data Damage Issues in QuickBooks Desktop - Infographic

We hope that you are able to fix your data damage issues by after reading this post. In case the issue persists even after trying the troubleshooting steps in this post, you can contact our QuickBooks Enterprise support team at +1-866-707-7925. We offer quick and precise solutions related to all QuickBooks related issues and are reachable round the clock.


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